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AFG – Accreditation For Growth


AFG Mission Statement

The Pocomoke City Public Schools, an enthusiastic rural learning partnership of parents, educators, and community agencies, empowers all students to meet rigorous academic standards and to develop into responsible, involved lifelong learners who can excel in their endeavors, contribute positively to their society, and fulfill their personal dreams.

AFG Belief Statements

We believe that… · All children are unique and learn in different ways. Furthermore, we believe that when we find and share the ways in which students learn best, we enable them to be successful. · The purpose of education is to assist each student to become a lifelong learner who can discover and develop his or her unique potential. · Students learn best in a safe, nurturing environment. · Education is the shared responsibility of the school, the governing authority, the students, the family, the government, and the community. · Education develops understanding, tolerance, and appreciation of diversity. · Character education promotes personal growth and civic responsibility. · Technological proficiency is essential to students’ future success. · Extracurricular activities complement the academic program, enhance the learning process, and prepare the student for life’s experiences.

Our Objectives

As an outgrowth of the Accreditation process, Pocomoke City Schools have three major goals/objectives. These goals will serve as our roadmap for the next five years. Since education is a community collaborative effort, we are asking that you would help us reach for these goals. Listed below are our three main objectives: Objective One: Academic Achievement By 2008, all Pocomoke City Public Schools’ students will demonstrate improved academic performance with no difference attribute to race, gender, or special education, Limited English Proficiency. Objective Two: Character Education By 2008, Pocomoke City Public Schools will demonstrate greater respects, responsibility, trustworthiness, caring, fairness, citizenship, peacefulness, positive attitudes, and tolerance in their school and community. Objective Three: Technology Proficiency By 2008, all students and faculty of the Pocomoke City Public Schools will demonstrate frequent use and integration of technology for teaching and learning th


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