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  Media Center

Media Center

Pocomoke High School’s Library Media Center (LMC) is centrally located within the school. The Library Media Center is staffed by a full-time certified library media specialist (Pat Tomasovic) and a full-time educational assistant (Debbie Corbin). Students may use the LMC from 7:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. each school day. In addition students may independently visit the LMC during their assigned lunch periods and during the school day with a faculty member’s permission. The Library Media Center’s collection contains 6,456 titles. These holdings consist of books, reference sets, videotapes, DVDs , and computer software which support the curriculum. The collection is also supplemented by over 60 magazine and newspaper subscriptions. In addition, students and faculty may use the Media Center’s 15 online computers to access the center’s holdings and online databases through Maryland’s Digital Library. These databases include World Book Online and SIRS Knowledge Source. Two mobile, wireless computer labs are available through the Media Center. Each of these labs contains 16 laptop computers. Students may use these computers to research on the Internet or create products in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Publisher.

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Featured Internet Site

 The Media Center staff is pleased to announce that we now subscribe to the online resource, ProQuest. ProQuest Information and Learning provides access to information from periodicals, newspapers, multimedia and image collections, out-of-print books, dissertations, and scholarly collections in various formats. Its archive includes more than 5.5 billion pages of information, spanning 500 years of scholarship, in formats that range from print to microform to digital. Students and their family members can access this valuable resource from both school and home computers. Just follow the directions below: ·

Go to · At the product login type in the following:

User Name: pocomokehs

Password: pocomokehs

Click on : Go to · Click on one of the following product icons: Proquest Platinum Platinum provides coverage from more than 2,000 magazines, journals, and reference works. ProQuest Learning: Literature Learning Literature is a comprehensive resource including 3,000+ author biographies, literary journals, and full-text literary works. Surf the Internet with your teen to learn about new books or authors. A good place to start is


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