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  Ratio and Proportion




instruction zone signMath Continuum - In the Number column, click Rates and Ratio(food).

  • Read carefully and use the pictures to follow the directions given on the screen.
  • Complete all scenes for each topic.
  • The final topic is called, 'Lose Your Marbles.' Play this game 3 times. After each game, you will be asked to compute your average rate of points.
  • Record your total points, total time, and rate for each game.



Review the following lesson and complete the practice questions.

Ratio Lesson

Ratio Practice




Don't miss the Solving Proportions PowerPoint at the bottom of the page! 



At the following presentation and quiz,

  • Answer the question,
  • Check your answer,
  • Click "To the next ratio activity. "
  • After the 8th slide, click on "To the quiz." 
  • Answer the questions,  then click on "Get Score" to check your work.

Ratio Slide Presentation and Quiz



Select the 20 questions game at the following site.  Continue until you have answered 20 questions accurately.

Practice writing ratios



smiling camera Learn Alberta -  Ratio Photography Puzzle  

  1. Click Video at the bottom of the page to view the video before completing this activity. Be sure to put on your headphones and adjust the volume on your computer if necessary. 
  2. After viewing the video, click on each photo to begin the activity. (SUGGESTION: Click on photos in order from left to right, as they become increasingly difficult.) 
  3. After successfully completing the equivalent ratios for all photos, click PUZZLE to assemble the puzzle



wizard's hat Target Ratio Interactive - Can you determine which scale factor will result in the Target Ratio



germ Ameba Game - Determine the correct number of pellets to capture to obtain the correct ratio.



slamdunk boyPractice, Practice, Practiceslamdunk girl

Solving Simple Proportions (with help available)

Ratio and Proportions Practice - Questions with immediate feedback

Proportion Millionaire Game - Practice solving proportions (with hints available)

Customized Problems 1 - fun, challenging problems with a twist.

Customized Problems 2 - more problems with a twist.




100% stamp BBC Ratio and Proportion Quiz - There are three levels available. Start with level A and work through all three.


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  Worksheets Solving Proportions

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