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 Geometry Vocabulary Match


Transformation Intro and Review


Transformation Style!


Using a Protractor

Basic Practice

Formula Flashcards

Quadrilateral Classification Interactive


Angle Mission



                                      Directions  for Constructions

Grade 7 Constructions:

Bisecting an Angle

Copying a Line Segment (construction of a congruent line segment)

Copying an Angle (construction of a congruent angle)

Perpendicular Bisector of a Line Segment


Grade 8 Constructions:

Copy a Triangle (construction of a congruent triangle)

Perpendicular Line Segement Given Point on Line



With a Ruler


On the Coordinate Plane


Using Fractional Areas
Rectangles Rectangles Fractional Area 1

Triangles Part 1

Triangles Fractional Area 2
Triangles Part 2    
Irregular Shapes    

Composite Shapes

Perimeter and Area of Composite Shapes - select level 3

Shape Builder

Operation Clean Beach

Target Area and Perimeter

Composite Area



Transformation Sites

Reference and Notes

The TransmoGrapher



Translations Reflections Rotations
Review Review Review
Practice 1 Practice 1 Practice 1  
Practice 2 Practice 2 Practice 2

1 transformation practice

Transformation Golf

Multiple transformations

Transformation Exploration

Learn Alberta - Similarity and Congruence Interactive

                                 Transformation Interactive

                                 Dilation Interactive

MathsNet:          Rotation    Reflection    Translation






Angles formed by Parallel lines and a Transversal

Powerpoint (see bottom of this page)

Learn Alberta - Parallel Lines Interactive

Classzone Book 2 

  •  Chapter 10: Lesson 2

Classzone Pre-Algebra

  • Chapter 13:  Lessons 1 and 2

Interactive Angles


 Pythagorean Theorem Braining Camp

Pythagorean Theorem

Pythagorean Explorer

Learn Alberta - Pythagorean Theorem Interactive


Math Play


Pythagorean Explorer




Area of Circles

Circumference of Circles



Volume and Surface Area


Comparison of Volume and Surface Area Activity




Point of View Game


  Worksheets linesandangles1
  Worksheets introlinesandangles

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