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  Reading Comprehesion

Pearson Grade 1 Sample Test
Pearson Grade 2 Sample Test
Pearson Grade 3 Sample Test
Pearson Grade 4 Sample Test
Pearson Grade 5 Sample Test
Pearson Grade 6 Sample Test
Pearson Grade 7 Sample Test
Pearson Grade 8 Sample Test
The Blank - fill in the blank with the correct word - easy
The Zoo in My Front Yard
Mr. Nussbaum
Manatee Kid's Lab
Lauri Fried Stories and Quizzes
Into the Book
Readquarium Comprehension Activities and Games
University of Victoria
Jefferson Labs Reading Comprehension
Using English
     Beginner -
     Intermediate -
     Advanced -
Literacy Resources(CBS and CNN stories - vocabulary, word selection, multiple choice, sequencing, Q & A)
California Distance Learning Project ( pick a topic area at the top of the page)
Bon Appetite
Reading Matrix
    Beginner -
    Intermediate -
    Advanced -
    Short Stories -
  RAZ Kids Sample Stories - the ? icon has a quiz to go with the story, the papers link to printouts
I Spy
Cloze Reading Passages


AES Comprehension Stories – provided by

Story 1: Halloween by Makoto Nakazawa 
Reading Comprehension
Jumbled Sentences
Gap-fill Exercise
Matching Exercise

Story 2: The Hours That Count in
My Life by Essa Al-Dhaheri
Reading Comprehension
Jumbled Sentences
Gap-fill Exercises
Matching Exercise

Story 3: Stuck in the Desert
by Saeed Al-Qamzi
Reading Comprehension
Jumbled Sentences
Gap-fill Exercise
Matching Exercise

Story 4: Losing Identity by
Howard Kim
Reading Comprehension
Jumbled Sentences
Gap-Fill Exercises
Matching Exercise

Story 5: I Will Never Get My Innocence Back by Sharon DeMayo
Reading Comprehension
Jumbled Sentences
Gap-fill Exercise
Matching Exercise

Story 6: You Can Be a Singer! by Aya Katayanagi
Reading Comprehension
Jumbled Sentences
Gap-fill Exercises
Matching Exercise

Adventures and Mysteries

Frontier Alaska
Life or Death in the Jungle
Life or Death: Lost at Sea
Life or Death: Snow Survival
Man vs. Wild
Choice of the Dragon
The Lost Lunch Box
Klondike: Rush for  Gold
See and Solve Mystery
Solve-It Mystery
The Medieval Game of Life
Lewis & Clark Adventure
Once Upon a Time
Niki's Adventures
The Underground Railroad
The Jamestown Adventure
Muck and Brass (the Industrial Revolution)
Viking Quest
Death in Sakkara
Sydenham River
Castaway - Choose your own adventure
The Evil Landlady - Choose your own adventure
The Caves of Mull
A Dog's Life: Bone Travels On
The Case of the Barefoot Burglar
American Stories on Many Things from VOA
A Seat at the Table
Take a Walk
Center of the Cell

More Advanced Lessons

Voice of America
SAT Practice Reading Comprehension
PowerPoint Presentations for Teachers
Reading Comprehension Passages
Clozure - Cloze exercises based on Wikipedia articles


Reading A-Z-  Free books and worksheets
Resource Room - comprehension articles and lessons for teachers (Holes, Glory, Stone Fox, more)
Reading Comprehension Quizzes


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