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Baltimore Zoo - Click on Animals & Conservation and choose an animal family
San Diego Zoo Animals for Kids
Sea World Animal Info Books
BBC Wildlife Finder
Animals A to Z – Animal Planet - Discovery Channel
National Geographic Animals
ARKive - Use the Species tab to choose an animal family
Yahoo Animals – Complete List By Name - Click the letter that your animal's name starts with
The Big Zoo
Rare Animals of the World (Facts and Origami)
Defenders of Wildlife Fact Sheets
Nature Works
National Zoo
Zoo Books Encyclopedia of Animals
Visual Dictionary Animals
Critter Corner
National Geographic Photo Gallery: Creepy Animals
Animal Planet - Explore an Animal

Endangered Species

World Wildlife Fund
US Fish & Wildlife Species in the Spotlight
Bagheera – pictures, facts and video – (Click on In the Wild or Tour)
Endangered Animals - click different parts of the globe to see the endangered anmals there

Endangered Animals Activities

Endangered Species Coloring Pages
Endangered Animals Game


Enchanted Learning Picture Dictionary - Animals
Columbia Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia Smithsonian

Animal Cams and Videos

National Zoo
Jungle Walk
PBS Nature Videos


Farm Animals
Between the Lions Animal Stories
Who Am I? - Click the Words Who Am I? to see the answer
KidzClub: The Fox and the Crow - listen to the story
KidzClub: Country Mouse and City Mouse - listen to the story
KidzClub: The Three Pigs - listen to the story
KidzClub: Three Billy Goats Gruff - listen to the story
KidzClub: The Mouse and the Lion - listen to the story
KidzClub: The Three Bears - listen to the story
Yellowstone Online Animal ABC Book with Sound


Extreme Science Creature World
The Infrared Zoo

Food Chains and Food Webs

Food Chains
Australian Grasslands
Marine Life
Africa Grasslands
Kid's Corner
Cool Classroom
Eco Kids
Food Chain Game

Animal Classification

Sheppard Software Animal Classification Pages
Sheppard Software Animal Classification Games
    Forest -
   African River -
    African Grassland -
   Backyard Animals -
Animal Idol - classification game

Animal Adaptations

Eco Kids
Room 108

Easy Games

Sheppard Software Pre-School Animal Games - flashcards, find the animals, create scenes
Animal Alphabet - click the animal and its name and you can print out a picture
Animal ABC's
Hidden Animals - Nocturnal
Hidden Animals - Garden
Hidden Animals - Pond
Hidden Animals - Coral Reef
Hidden Animals by Species
Puzzles National Zoo
Baby Animal Memory
Animal Sounds Game
Switcheroo Zoo Matching Game


Animals of the World
Crittercam: African Adventure
Animal All-Stars
Tiger Tracks 
Coral Reef Creatures
Exploring the Everglades
Penguin Parade
Shark Trails
Fantastic Frogs
African Animals Maze Game
Serengeti Photo Safari
Jungle Journey
San Diego Zoo Games
National Museum of Wildlife Art Games
Wild 100 Matching Game
Animal Planet A-List Matching Game
Shepperd Software Animal Games
Animal ID Games from the Royal Ontario Museum - Choose Shadows, Family or Kingdom
Royal Ontario Museum ABC Game
Find the Hidden Animal Word Search Games
   Rainforest -
   Dangerous Animals -
   Zoo Animals -
Picture/Word Matching Games
   Farm Animals -
   Sea Animals -
ABC Zoo Animal Guessing Game - read the clues and spell the name
Rain Forest Animal Guessing Game
Dangerous Animals Guessing Game
Pets Guessing Game
Sea Animals Guessing Game
Desert Habitat Game
Animal Characteristics Game
National Geographic Quiz You Noodle: Animal Dads
Please Do Feed the Animals - omnivore, herbivore or carnivore
Scavengers Hunt - Can you identify the scavengers?
Build a Habitat - choose, animal, biome, vegetation
Where Do I Live? - combines geography and animals - drag the picture to the correct place
Collective Nouns - Do you know names for different groups of animals?
Learning Games For Kids - Marsupials
   Marsupial Word-O-Rama
   Marsupial Unscramble
   Marsupial Speedy Speller
   Marsupial Letterfall
   Marsupial Wordsearch
   Marsupial Hangmouse
   Sugar Glider Jigsaw
   Opossum Jigsaw
   Koala Jigsaw
   Kangaroo Jigsaw   
Minnesota Zoo Zoodoku - choose the game from the menu


Kids Corner
Cuddly Animal Puzzler


Animal ABC Word Search
Animal Alphabet
ZoBooMaFoo Animal Alphabet
Animal Alphabet
African Animal Word Search
Austalian Animal  Word Seach
Carnivore Word Search
Desert Animal Word Search
Nocturnal Animals Word Search
Poisonous Animal Word Search
KidzClub: The Fox and the Crow - print the story
KidzClub: Country Mouse and City Mouse - print the story
KidzClub: The Three Pigs - print the story
KidzClub: Three Billy Goats Gruff - print the story
KidzClub: The Mouse and the Lion - print the story
KidzClub: The Three Bears - print the story
Jan Brett Animal Masks - from The Mitten
Papercraft pets - print and fold
Origami Animals

Write on Animal Shapes


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