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Mr. Nussbaum Fractions - many activities and games
Visual Fractions
Fractions Pizza Party
PBS Kids Cyber Chase Fraction
JamIt Fractions Games
JamIt Fractions Lessons
Birmingham Grid for Learning Fractions
AAAMath – Fractions
BBC – Saloon Snap - Fractions, Decimals and Percents
Fraction Frenzy
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Quia – Fraction – Decimal Conversion
Funbrain – Double Fun Match – Choose your level – Click on Fractions
Funbrain – Fresh-Baked Fractions
Funbrain Soccer Shootout (Choose a level and either fractions or whole numbers)
Illuminations Fraction Matchinng Game
Illuminations Equivalent Fractions
Illuminations Fraction Game
Illuminations Fraction Models
Free Ride
The Great Diamond Hunt
Fraction Flags
Vector Kids Fraction Fun
Fraction Rings
Fraction Eaters
Guide the Gecko
IXL Equivalent Fraction Practice
Decention - Fractions, Decimals and Percents
Name the Fraction
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Fractions
Fraction Shoot
Jigsaw Puzzle
Mission Magnetite - fractions, percent
Saloon Snap - Match fractions, decmals, percents
Fraction to Picture Matching Game
Fraction to Decimal Matching Game
Fraction Eaters
Explore Learning Gizmos - Fractions, Percent, Decimals
Fact Monster Fraction Cafe - many choices
Mrs. Glosser Percent Goodies - Fraction. Percent, Decimal
Mrs. Glosser Percent  Game - Fraction. Percent, Decimal
Mrs. Glosser Interactive Percent Crossword
nRich Fraction Percent Concentration Game


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