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  Patterns, Sequences, Symmetry


Number Crackers 
What Comes Next
Pattern Fun
Pattern Generator
Crazy Pattern Machine
Crack Hacker's Safe
Lorax Sticker Patterns
Complete the Pattern 
Pattern Mania
Pattern Matcher
People Patterns - this is hard
String of Beads
Crick Web Sequencer
Cyber Pattern Player

Number Sequences

Counting Game
AAA Math - Sequences
Stop the Creature
Super Sequencer - watch the computer create sequences using numbers you give it
Spooky Sequences
Patterns in Math


Symmetrizer (PBS)
Snowflake Match
Play With Symmetry – pattern block shapes
Symmetry Drawing Program
Kali (create symmetrical patterns) 
Tessalation World
Mirror Tool (Symmetry) 
Kaleidoscope Painter 
Build Your Own Kaleidoscope 
Kaleidoscope for Shelda’s Mom 
Geometric Solids Tool 
Snowflake Maker
More Than Math 
Bathroom Tiles - Reflect, Rotate, Translate
Escher Sketch
Drawing with Symmetry (Harder) 
Drawing with Rotational Symmetry (Harder)
The X Detectives - Symmetry, Translation, Rotation
Symmetry Games


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