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  Internet Links

Human Anatomy Web Links

Virtual Body website!

North Harris College Animations Site - a must visit! Click the Human A&P I and II drop downs for the animation links.

Hole's Anatomy and Physiology Text Website - Use this site for the different animations, Interactive Art Quizzes, additional quizzes and tests, and much more!

Ed's Basic Histology Gallery

Al's Tutorials This website will be used for histology (Chapter 4), Integumentary System (Chapter 5), Bone Tissues and Bone Types (Chapter 6), Skeleton (Chapter 7) and Joints and Movement (Chapter 8).

Inner Body Each topic has animations, 100’s of graphics, and thousands of descriptive links. Study the anatomy of the human body. It’s fun, interactive, and an ideal reference site for students or those who just want to know more about the medical descriptions used by doctors and nurses. 

Digital Anatomists Project 2-D and 3-D views of the brain, knee joint and more

Medical Terminology Help use this great link to help you figure out the literal meaning of medical terms!  Excellent way to learn vocabulary and improve your SAT scores!  

Biology Web Links

The all important Maryland State Department of Education Biology HSA website is


North Harris College website - Click on the Biology I and II drop downs to access the animations.

APES Web Links

Textbook website  

How to Make Age-Sex Diagrams in Excel

Science Research Websites

Writing Abstracts

General Web Links for all classes!

Internally citing sources in papers and PowerPoint presentations; use the Name-Year internal citation method  -

Assembling your Literature Cited page in a paper or a PowerPoint - go to and for each item used, click on the source and scroll down to the CSE information.

Really good examples of both!


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