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  Welcome to the web site of Sister Flor L. Castro Romero

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Your comments about this site will be highly appreciated and posted on this page upon request.

Thank you for posting these very helpful links.



Thank you very much... very useful links.


H.B. (Parent)

This site would have been a dream for me twenty seven years ago when I was trying to become an undergraduate student at the American University in Cairo.... Thank you for the time you spend caring for our daughters....


I.M. (Parent)

I visited your website and liked it very much. It includes many links that can facilitate self-education via the Internet. It can help teachers, parents and students.... The site is simple and easy to use....  We appreciate your idea of using the Pharaonic symbols.... It makes us feel that the site really belongs to us.... Thank you very much for your efforts....


A.M. (Parent)

I thank you for your site.... I used the links and found them very helpful....


H.M.E.K. (Parent)

We found your website very valuable and interesting....


A.E. (Parent)

We appreciate your efforts.... Your website is a collection of the best... thank you for your efforts....


A.S.Z. (Parent)

We would like to thank you for your great effort and your attempt to help the students.... Your site is really amazing....


S.E.D. (Parent)



Your collection of websites is such a wonderful idea... our daughters are keen on learning English through the Internet but many times they don’t know where to start... now they do.... Thank you.


S.G. (Parent)



I want to thank you for this useful website and I also want to suggest that you add some translation sites.... Thanks again.


M.Z. (Parent)



This website is very useful and I am sure that children will benefit from it.


S.S. (Parent)



Thanks for your personal site.... We will let our daughters spend spare time in learning more English through your site....


M.W. (Parent)



We are really glad about your wonderful site.  It will be really useful for our children....


M.A. (Parent)



Thank you for your site.... Thank you for caring for our daughters.


B.S. (Parent)



Good job.... Go on....


B. E. (Parent)

I like very much the idea of your site.  You help us a lot.  The site is very nice.... Thank you, Sister....


H.N. (Student)

Very useful site.... I appreciate what you have done.


M.E. (Student-Primary 5)


Thank you very much for this amazing website.... I think it will be really helpful to all who want to learn English..... You did a great job.


H.O. (Student-Primary 6)

I am enjoying your website very much.


A.A. (Student-Primary 6)



This is a very informative, interesting and useful site.... Thank you....


N.K.A.Z. (Student-Primary 6)

Congratulations for your website.


Y.T. (Student-Prep 1)

Thank you for this amazing site.


M.S. (Student-Prep 1)



Thank you for your site.... It is very interesting....


V.B. (Student-Prep 1 B)

Thanks a lot Sister for creating this site.... It will help us a lot....


S.W. (Student-Prep 2 A)

I think your site is outstanding especially for students like us.  The links are all nice and can be truly helpful for English learners....


R.H. (Student-Prep 3 B)

Your site is wonderful and interesting... its many links will enable us to practice the four skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.... Thank you, Sister.


M.A. (Sec. 1 A)

Your site will help me improve my English and will help me help my younger sisters and brother to improve theirs.... Thank you very much.


R.M. (Student-Sec. 2 A)

Thanks for your website—It is elegant.  It is full of useful links.  It will help me improve my work.


R.A. (Teacher-Primary 1)

I have seen your website—it is really nice.  It is full of links to grammar exercises, songs, comprehension passages, etc.... Thank you for your great effort.


N.B. (Teacher-Primary 2)



I have seen your website.  It’s full of useful links.... Thanks for your efforts....


M.S. (Teacher-Primary 3)



Your website is really great.  I appreciate in a special way the links to grammar exercises....


N.N. (Teacher-Primary 4)


Wow! It is a wonderful site.... It provides a lot of links to grammar exercises, comprehension passages, games, etc.... It will be really helpful when preparing lessons.... Congratulations!


H.S. (Teacher-Primary 5)


I like your site.... It leads to other nice sites with games, videos, dictionaries, comprehension passages, etc.  I believe it will be really useful to all of us.... Thank you for your great effort... we appreciate it.


V.A. (Teacher-Primary 6)


I like the Egyptian interface.... It shows how devoted you are to Egypt.... All the links are very useful... they can be used by students of different levels of proficiency.... Good job, Sister!


M.M. (Teacher-Prep 1)



I have seen the links... they lead to many exercises that can be solved online....


N.N. (Teacher-Prep 2)



I logged on your site... I think it is very good....


S.H. (Teacher-Prep 3)



I have checked the website... the content can be in fact very useful for teachers, students and parents....


I.R. (Teacher-Sec. 2)


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