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Welcome to the

Stephen Decatur Math Lab  




Review and practice topics you've previously learned or

preview upcoming topics using these sites.

 Khan Academy  -    Find video instruction here to review and practice  topics in Math, Science, Technology, and Social Studies.

Learn Zillion - Similar to Khan Academy, this site has instructional videos and practice problems.  Topics are organized according to the new Common Core curriculum for Math and Language Arts.

Sylvan Math Prep - videos, practice problems, and printable notes for almost every middle school math topic. Our school

username: mdsylvan

password:  studentdemo.


Nutshell Math - Read math lessons in text format (list on left of page) or watch and listen to online math lessons (list on right of page.)

Regents Prep - Short reviews and practice.

  Hippocampus - Video Examples, Explanations and Practice for most Algebra concepts

Practice Makes Perfect

Click the logo to log on using your personal login and password.

Math Continuum - very thorough step by step review  and practice

Learning Wave - review concepts and solve problems using puzzle-like scenarios


  • Select a book from the list below. 
  • You MAY have to click on Maryland in a drop down window and click Go.
  • Under Practice, Practice, Practice, click "eworkbook" for practice problems.
  • Use "@hometutor" to review skills.


Classzone Book 1
Classzone Book 2
Classzone Pre-Algebra
 Classzone Book 3

Classzone Algebra


Math Games

Calculation Nation

 Math Play

Ten Marks

Manga High

Math Playground Competition Games

Practice Tests and Quizzes

Pass You will need to enter your zip code, select a grade level and topic, then select PASS Practice Tests.

That Quiz! 



 Challenges and Problems of the Week

Ole Miss Challenge - 4 categories of problems updated weekly

Math Counts Problem of the Week


Additional Resources


Online Graphing Calculator to download at home

Virtual Manipulatives

Online Graphing Calculator  -  no download


The Education Channel - online videos to review math topics!

Algebra Help site - review lessons and complete worksheets with step by step directions available







Myrna Dyson

SDMS Math Lab Instructor

This site is updated daily during the school year. 

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