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  Leadership at Kent Island High School


Remember the Troops

Welcome to

(Photos courtesy of Jeff Straight and Kathy Easter-QABOE)

Kent Island High School Principal Bill Darling( below standing) along with members from the Chamber of Commerce and Character Counts enjoy a bus ride to the Maryland teacher of the Year Gala.

"If you want to go from good to great you have to get the right people on the bus"

Good to Great-Jim Collins

The Leadership Program at Kent Island High School

"Where Preparation Meets Opportunity"

Two of the greatest friends the leadership program has ever known, Wayne Humphries(left) and Chip Brittingham(right) both from Integrated Management Corporation.of Kent Island and very active members of the Business Education Partnership in Queen Anne's County...Thank you to both of you


Kent Island High School is

Home of  the

Mentor Advisory Program(M-A-P)

Where students are leaders and mentors among their peers, and everyday our peer leaders are changing for the better the lives of the others students around them...helping them succeed in school and in life...


we are

"Closing the Character Gap"

                                        with Opportunity Dynamics


Congratulations to all the 125 MAP student leaders at K.I.H.S. who have worked so hard to make our Mentor Advisory Program(M.A.P.) so successful.

And special thanks to the Character Coaches from Character Counts and the Chamber of Commerce for all their help in training the peer leaders


MAP Coordinator/Peer Leadership Trainer: Brad Engel

12th Grade MAP Advisor: Jo Sebly

11th Grade MAP Advisor Holly Duplechain

10th Grade MAP Advisor Karen McCamant

9th Grade MAP Advisor: Susan Philips

MAP Logistics Coordinator: Katie Roseberry

SGA Advisor-Chuck Welsh

Leadership Defined: Leadership is establishing a direction and influencing others to follow that direction.


It's easy to follow the road that is already there,

The challenge of leadership is... P.A.V.E. a new road.

P.A.V.E-(Preparation, Attitude, Vision, Excellence)



"Every day you will have the opportunity



 to make a difference in the lives



of those around you ...and those moments


will define you as a leader…

Good Luck!!!"


Contact information

Brad Engel 410-604-2070 x5018

Kent Island High School

900 Love Point Rd. Stevensville, Md. 21666


The Maryland State Department of Education at

Kent Island High School at

Queen Anne's County Public Schools at


  Worksheets Opportunity Dynamics

This is a brief slide show describing the philosophy of Opportunity Dynamics and the 4 Challenges. The show will start automatically after you click on the link Opportunity Dynamics 1

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